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Holoholo, Hawaiian Fabric Handbag from Meleana -

One left. Sale is final. Holoholo Bag. Holoholo is what one says in Hawaii when you are going on a beach adventure, a picnic, a fishing trip etc...Meleana's popular Holoholo bag is also made so your baby can go Holoholo too! The bag has a 12" diameter base that expands to a 23" opening. It is 14" tall and along with the small zip pocket (for wallet, keys, etc) on the inside of the bag you will also find a removable center pocket that is 23" in width and 12" deep. There are also three more pockets large enough for diapers, bottles and snacks! The removable pocket is lined with water proof fabric for easy cleaning. The bags are made from vibrant, vintage fabrics that are either one of a kind or produced in limited quantities. Meleana hopes that by carrying one of her handbags you feel the Aloha spirit that they are created with and enjoy adding to their story. See also the Pea Pod.