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Suzanne Nicoll

Trained as an illustrator, Suzanne Nicoll found her love of pattern led her to textile design and surface pattern. After many years working in the wallpaper and fabric industry, Suzanne began to develop and design collections for the home goods industry that have her unique stamp on them. It is Suzanne's love of nature and the garden that keep her designs and colors fresh and classic. From her studio in Connecticut, Suzanne has designed many successful collections for many different surfaces.

As a working mother of two boys, Suzanne also hopes that a little bit of beauty brought into the home will give a burst of color and joy to a busy life. "I think in the world as it is today, the home has taken on great importance as a haven of quiet, comfort, and beauty. I think picking things you love, that make you happy in a small way, can bring joy to one's life..."

Cottage Coastal Store, Inc. brings her new innovative home decor line to our store site. Using hand-printing, painting and stenciling techniques, Suzanne Nicoll Studio produces an exquisite line of designs for the cottage-coastal home. Design, creativity and the highest quality products are central to the success of her company. We find Suzanne Nicoll Studio and Cottage Coastal Store, Inc. a perfect fit!


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coastal silhouettes/
wooden plaques

picket fence

holiday silhouettes