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Living Simplistically

Joshua Waldbaum, an esteemed Malibu artist, recently launched his latest endeavor, Living Simplistically, a furniture and home accessory business dedicated to using only natural, reclaimed materials. “I have been creating with reclaimed materials for years, and I am so pleased to see that people are responding to this trend in home design. What I have known and understood for years is that nature’s resources never end. There is always a way to create.” Waldbaum’s functional art includes bedroom sets, outdoor dining sets, mirrors, lamps, planter boxes and other accessories, all of which he creates using driftwood or other repurposed materials.

Waldbaum’s artistic vision encompasses more than just a sense of environmental responsibility. “I feel a deep connection to the natural world, “says Waldbaum, an avid runner and athlete. “I am more at home in nature than anywhere else. My primary focus is to bring nature into the home so that my living space becomes my sanctuary.” By using only reclaimed materials, Waldbaum is hoping that he and other eco-artists will be able to influence how people relate to their homes and their living spaces. “Sustainable art or sustainable living is such a simple idea. Take what you have or what you find in nature and repurpose it. We have a responsibility toward protecting the earth and its limited resources. I love that I can create something beautiful and functional at the same time. That’s why this business is so important.”

We are thrilled to be working with Josh and excited to present his driftwood mirrors, lamps and accessories to you. As his pieces are custom made, please allow 2-4 weeks for your piece to ship from Southern California. Living Simplistically custom orders may not be returned unless received defective or damaged. ALL Living Simplistically orders are charged upon placement of order.


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